terms & conditions

Nothing hidden here….

We have no secret vault of evil and wicked terms and conditions.  No added charges or hidden fees will be found in our small print.  Our purpose is to streamline the process of booking fishing charters so you can spend your time and money doing other things all while having peace of mind knowing that we got this.

Here’s the legal terms/conditions and common sense stuff……
If no one has told you yet LIFE IS INHERENTLY DANGEROUS.  Crazy stuff happens all the time to very good people, every day terrible things happen to the young and old, poor and rich, ugly and beautiful.  From the moment you are born until the day you die (YES YOU WILL DIE SOME DAY) we are all taking on risk.  If you walk out the door  you could be hit by a bus, a coconut could fall off a tree and hit you in the head or you could be struck by lightening.  Sharks live in the ocean it is their home and if you swim in the ocean there is the possibility you could be eaten by a shark or even drown.  Helicopters and airplanes are amazing inventions but they do sometimes crash and people get killed.  Going on hikes through the remote jungle to a beautiful waterfall is a great way to get-a-way from it all and enjoy the outdoors, there are no hospitals or doctors in these places so if your doing a strenuous hike and have a heart attack or slip and fall you should know before you go that there is no easy way to get you the medical care you may need.  There are jellyfish in the ocean there are flying and crawling insects on land, if some of these beautiful creatures sting you it could be fatal as in you could die.
Sea to Sky Tours and Activities LLC (dba Kauai Fishing Charter) has no control over you, over nature or over any of the tour and activity companies or their employees that we book tours for.  Therefore Kauai Fishing Charters is in no way responsible for anything bad that happens to you while participating in these tours and activities.  We are in no way forcing you to go on any tour or activity  You are voluntarily going on these excursions, no one at Kauai Fishing Charters will ever force you to do anything.  You are at your own free will to go or not go on any tour or activity that you choose while being aware that you could be injured or die.

We have no control over the weather, we have no control over anything under the water, we have no control over anything on land, we have no control over anything in the air, we have no control over interstellar space.  Meaning if a meteor zooms to earth from outer space and hits you while you are snorkeling, boating, flying in a helicopter, hiking to a waterfall or on a mountain stargazing we are in no way responsible for that.

Hawaii is made up of volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Geologically speaking lava flows, earthquakes and tsunamis happen here more than any other location on earth.   It ain’t the safest place you have ever been!  Do not be surprised if the ground suddenly opens up and swallows you where you are standing, again we are not in anyway responsible for that.

After stating everything above, Hawaii is part of the United States so you are still free to sue us for anything you like.
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